Kickstart Applications

Rapidly set up your business applications on OpenText™ Content Server

Currently available FREE OF CHARGE to all AnswerModules Module Suite owners!

All of our Kickstart Applications are available upon request to our customers. Contact us for more details!

What are Kickstart Applications?

AnswerModules Kickstart Applications is a collection of pre-built fully-functional templates that can be used to quickly setup enterprise grade solutions based on OpenText™ Content Server.

Each application is studied to target a specific business need (for example, Purchase Management) and provides all the basic features that are required to address such need.


Beautiful WebForms Content Script Script Console

Enabling technologies

The Kickstart Applications are powered by AnswerModules Module Suite technologies, that allow for seamless integration with Content Server and extreme flexibility in the customization of the application: the Module Suite includes all the tools that are needed to tailor the app to one's specific requirements.

Frequently asked questions

How do I get access to kickstart applications?

Currently, the kickstart applications are available free of charge to AnswerModules ModuleSuite owners. Contact your AnswerModules sales representative for more information.

How do I get started with kickstart applications?

Once the enabling technologies are in place, the single applications can be easily deployed as a self-contained set of standard objects on Content Server. No need for external module deployment, OScript customizations, and other complex setup operations. Just import your app, and it will be fully functional without further actions. After that, you are free to customize it: edit the presentation templates to match your business corporate branding requirements, extend the existing functionalities or create your own.

Why should I want to build my apps on Content Server?

OpenText™ Content Server features a wide range of functionalities right out-of-the-box, including user access management, document storage and versioning, workflow execution handling, and much more. Why not leverage them to build your own applications? Read more in our blog post "Why is Content Server the right platform to implement an application?"

Available Applications

Supplier Invoice Management

A complete solution for small and medium businesses. Easily integrated with your ERP thanks to the flexibility of Content Script technology, and entirely hosted on your OpenText™ Content Server.

Supplier Invoice Management Application
  •   Organize suppliers' invoices, employees expenses and related contracts
  •   Manage multiple invoices approval workflows
  •   Role-based User interface with responsive design
  •   Reporting Dashboards
  •   A coherent user experience preserved across: documents browsing, workflow step management, dashboards and reporting
  •   Automatically create Excel documents with information coming from ERP
  •   Massive Order Workflows management (approval, rejection, requester inquiries)


Purchase Management

A complete solution to manage your business's purchase management needs

Purchase Management Application
  •   Organize Vendors information and related documents (contracts, purchase orders, agreements)
  •   Manage Order approval workflows (by exception)
  •   Role - based User interface
  •   Reporting Dashboards
  •   Vendors and Product Catalogs
  •   Automatically create Purchase Order for approved orders
  •   Massive Order Workflows management (approval, rejection, requester inquiries)


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